Major Components of the Eastern WA COHE

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Occupational Health Best Practice

Occupational Health Medical Directors / Clinical Administrators

Directors and administrators provide direction, leadership and community outreach. They also actively recruit providers from the community to participate in the COHE.  

Participating Providers
MDs, DOs, DCs, ARNPs and PA-Cs receive training in occupational health best practices.

COHE Mentors

Experienced physicians, including specialists, who agree to see injured workers promptly and advise on clinical and return-to-work issues.

Health Services Coordinators (HSC)

HSCs serve as care coordination resources and facilitate return-to-work efforts with providers, employers, unions, and the workers’ compensation system.

Financial Incentives for Occupational Health Best Practices

Enhanced reimbursement is provided by L&I to enrolled providers for the following services:
  • Submitting accident report to the workers’ compensation insurer (L&I) within 2 business days
  • Documenting injured worker’s physical status and limitations at each visit using the Activity Prescription Form (APF)
  • Contacting the injured worker’s employer about return-to-work options when the worker cannot return to the job-of-injury
  • Assessing barriers to return-to-work at 4 weeks of time-loss or when a previous attempt of return to modified duty fails


Community Involvement

Center of Occupational Health & Education
COHEs enhance occupational best practices by working with employers, labor unions, health care providers and the workers' compensation system

Community Leaders

Leaders from businesses, labor unions and health care facilities and institutions provide support, advice and expertise for the project.

Information Management   

Case Tracking Systems
Information technology systems that monitor the injured worker's progress and generate reminders to providers and health services coordinators, enhancing case management, rehabilitation and return-to-work.

Performance Feedback
Performance measures and scorecards gives providers information on how well they are performing compared to the best practice benchmarks.

Performance Data

Data generated through the workers' compensation carrier and the COHE tracking systems that is provided to the UW study team for the formal evaluation of the project.

 Sources:     Diana Drylie, MHA Senior Program Manager, Dept. of L&I  (360) 902-6807 
                   Dr. Dan Hansen, Program Director, Eastern WA COHE  (866) 247-6243 




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