COHE Provider logo

These provider symbols are for use by approved Eastern Washington COHE providers only.

They can be used in marketing materials by the provider, clinic or hospital. Appropriate users are Eastern Washington COHE Providers in good standing and participating COHE health facilities and clinics for use in marketing materials for your facility.

Add a link on your website to the COHE website.
If you are an approved provider, we welcome you to add a COHE website link ( and provider symbol to your website. 

Instructions for using the Provider symbol
Provider symbols should be used as drawn and not resized. Colors should not be changed. Symbol sizes are 1.75 inches and .65 inch (small version). Email us if you need a provider symbol in a different size or if there are questions.

 Provider bug color

Click to download color provider symbol

 provider bug small

Click to download color (small version) provider symbol

provider bug bw

Click to download black and white provider symbol

 provider bug small bw

Click to download black and white (small version) provider symbol


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