COHE Physician Advisory Committee

The Physician Advisory Board to the COHE meet quarterly in Spokane. These meetings can be broadcast via Northwest TeleHealth to network hospitals/facilities. These meetings are open to the public.
Please contact the COHE Office for more information at 866-247-2643.

 (C) - Designates Board Certification 


Dr. Robert Waring  (Chair) 

Fam. Med./Occ. Med. (C)           Walla Walla  



Dr. John Bailey   



Dr. Betty Ann Cohen 

Occupational Medicine (C)Yakima  


 Dr. Steven Goodman 

Physical Med & Rehab.(C)



Dr. Steven Goodwin 

Occupational Medicine (C)                  Spokane Valley 


Dr. David Grubb 

Psychiatry / Behav. Health (C)


Dr. Paula Lantsberger 

Occupational Medicine (C)  Spokane  


Dr. Thomas Miller 

Family Practice; Occ. Medicine                 Spokane 



Dr. Mark Mueller 

Emerg. Med.(C); Intern. Med. (C)
Spokane Valley



Dr. Alfonso Oliva 

Plastic & Reconst. Surgery (C)Spokane  




Dr. Kelli Pearson 

 Chiropractic Orthopedics (C)
Spokane Valley



Dr. W.D. "Bill" Pratt 




Dr. Terrence Rempel 

Occupational Medicine (C)




 Dr. Daniel Schmidt

Sports Medicine             Spokane    




James Strandy, PT  

 Physical Therapy (C)                Spokane  



Dr. Royce VanGerpen   

Occ. Med. (C); Emerg. Med (C)




Dr. Peter Zografos   

Chiropractic Orthopedics (C)Spokane Valley  


Dr. Daniel Hansen (COHE)    Ben Doornink (COHE)      Pam Cromer (COHE) 
Kathy Woodfield (COHE)    Lorrie Anne Brown (COHE)       
Dr. Gary Franklin (L&I)    Janet Peterson (L&I)    Morgan Wear (L&I) 
Dr. Robert Mootz (L&I)    Dr. Lee Glass (L&I)     




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